This process enables us to provide constructions fully calculated and made in compliance with recent Eurocode European standards and in accordance with the construction DTU established by the CSTB.


ARKEO SYSTEM works with 100% European steel which satisfies European Union quality and certification requirements. Reference standard NF EN 10346 concerns “continuously hot-coated flat steel products for cold forming”.


Slim profile, cold-formed framework is calculated in accordance with the applicable referentials, ie. the statutory body of most recent Eurocodes:

  • EUROCODE 1 (action on structures)
  • EUROCODE 3 (steel structure calculations)
  • EUROCODE 8 (earthquakes)


It also fully complies with DTU construction standards :

  • NF EN 1993-1-1 (metal construction)
  • NF EN 1993-1-3 (specific rules for cold-formed slim profile base structures)
  • NF EN 1991-1-1 (loads for buildings)
  • NF EN 1991-1-4 (Wind)
  • NF EN 1998-1 (earthquakes)

Supported by their French national appendices. The systematic creation of a calculation report by a Design Office guarantees one by one the performances of each construction.


BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a collaborative technology intended to improve the quality and speed of constructions. Our process, which is fully BIM compatible, avoids incoherences, thus reducing errors and therefore improving productivity.


This process is an innovative combination of design, working drawing and manufacturing equipment software. It is based on a centre of expertise bringing together architectural design, engineering, building and all aspects of automated manufacturing.

In addition to this centre of expertise, Specifications have been added, drawn up by the Metal Constructon Industrial Technical Centre) in 2009. These specifications, specific to this process, were validated by the SOCOTEC control office in 2010.

This integrated design and building method enables faster production, with very high quality products, whether for new buildings, renovation work or enlargements.