Full partitioning system compliant with acoustic & thermal standards

Combined with suitable materials, lightweight metal framework constructions provide very highperformance thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Standards & quality

This process enables us to provide constructions fully calculated and made in compliance with recent Eurocode European standards and in accordance with the construction DTU established by the CSTB.

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The profiles are made from 0.95 mm thick steel, ideal for residential and commercial constructions.

Each part is shaped with specific characteristics according to its position in the panel: cut lengthwise, pre-drilled for fitting and installing in ducts (electricity & plumbing), crimped and notched, ready for assembly.

ARKEO SYSTEM works with 100% European steel which satisfies European Union quality and certification requirements. Reference standard NF EN 10346 concerns “continuously hot-coated flat steel products for cold forming”. Traceability is essential to guarantee the material’s reliability, ductility and sustainability. ARKEO SYSTEM provides its clients 2 very high quality steels chosen according to their characteristics and exposure to environmental hazards


Profiles and assemblies