The galvanisation of steel is a guarantee of durability and reduces maintenance costs. Today its is the most widely used protective process in the world. This process provides highly efficient protection for steel subject to all types of attacks.

Very low rate of corrosion

A hot-galvanised product has a very low rate of corrosion over time thanks to zinc’s ability to form an efficient barrier with a physical screen.

Sacrificial protection in the event of gouges

Hot galvanisation provides sacrificial protection in the event of gouges or the discontinuity of the covering thanks to the battery effect produced between steel and zinc. Organic coverings (paint) and other metal coverings do not provide this second protection.

ZM is a steel protected by a layer of zinc, aluminium and magnesium, as well as chemical surface treatment.Our supplier has implemented a zincaluminium- magnesium specific steel, dedicated to building with operational characteristics for manufacture

with a cold roll forming machine. This composition further improves the performances of galvanised steel.

Higher resistance against scratches

The resistance of ZAM against scratches is higher performance than that of heat galvanised steel sheets. ZAM optimises the covering of cutting areas with self-repairing properties.

More resistant against corrosion

Tests with saline mist show that ZAM’s resistance to corrosion is 2 to 3 times higher than that of galvanised steel sheets.